There Is No Substitute for Us

Providing music with excellence is what makes RDT Productions tick. We understand the hard work and pride you take in your work and feel it is our privilege to capture those masterpieces. We are truly humbled that you choose to record at our studio and our engineers and producers treat your music as they would treat theirs.

RDT Productions

Excellence Is in Our DNA

Our passion, experience, and commitment to quality services set us apart from the rest.

At RDT Productions, our goal is to provide our clients with the best experience and quality of work that they will ever experience from a professional studio.

RDT Productions

Why We Stand Out

We use Presonus studio live mixer, Logic Pro X studio recording software, and Melodyne editing software to give you the professional recording experience.

Unlike other music recording studios, we use Anthem score music software for transcriptions. This allows the songwriters to convert music into printed scores without any hassle.

Latest Equipment

Our excellence is reflected in our in-house recording sessions and during our live performance set up where we use the best sound systems. All live performances use

  • UI 24R wireless mixer
  • Sennets Heiser wireless microphones
  • Bose Mixer & Professional Speaker System Bose L1/B2 Modules

We also offer additional services like 

  • Vocal coaching
  • Music lessons